Hello Meteor Strike? Meet our 4 step Business Continuity Plan

Does your business continuity plan address your organization being hit by a 10 ton meteorite travelling at 33,000 miles per hour?  Relax, no one else’s does either. Here’s a story that grabbed my attention: Meteorite explosion over Chelyabinsk Russia injures hundreds – Over 500 people hurt as aftershock damages buildings and jammed mobile networks spread panic.  Amazing video is […]

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Stop Micromanaging, Start Communicating

Start Communicating - Briefing and Debriefing

‘Communicating via micromanagement isn’t a personality flaw; it’s a breakdown in the fundamentals of delegation.’ In the Harvard Business Review article, “Why is Micromanagement so infectious?” the authors describe some reasons why and how micromanaging can spread into an organization’s culture.  And reduce our effectiveness at communicating. One of the reason’s they cite is due to […]

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Hungry for a … Content Sandwich?

  Picture this 2-part quandary: Delivering content to a diverse group of students (new v. experienced) material that is not over the heads of the new folks AND not too simple for the experienced folks. Delivering content to a folks that come from completely diverse fields. Such as: fire, law and EMS sitting next to […]

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Top Down v. Bottom Up Leadership

  A new acquaintance recently asked about my business. I told him that I help response leaders improve, among other things. He, like so many, believe that leadership is reserved for the person at the very top of an organization. A description I don’t agree with, as you likely know by now. Because it was […]

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Starve Fear in 3 Steps

  Fear feeds on a powerful combination of two ingredients: The incident that induces the fear (darkness, fire, snakes, falling, public speaking, etc.) The helpless feeling of not knowing how to respond to that incident. As responders, we’ve likely all been on the business end of a fear-inducing incident. However, most aren’t remembered that way […]

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Project Failure: Kill it before it kills you


Avoiding Project Failure … Nothing says success like killing your project before even starting it, right? Let me explain. Picture this: You assemble your brain trust around the table to launch your next, big initiative. Saving the rain forest, responding to a disaster, overhauling the tax code, whatever. You – as the mindful leader – […]

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Ever had a Bad Apple in Class?

Bad Apples

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar … I had a guy in class a couple of year’s back who said in his introduction: “I am retiring at the end of this week. I don’t want to be here. I was told by my *(!&@^ boss to attend.” Of course it didn’t take long to understand […]

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