"He that would perfect his work must first have the right tools." (like better instruction!)
~ Confucious

Better Instruction

Adults like us want to deliver better instruction.  To be respected by our students.  To create engaging content.

For many, the only way to learn to deliver better instruction is to mull over their stack of negative course reviews and then try again next time.  Yikes.

Or we can focus on the specific traits of competent instructors in the first place … then assemble a tool belt of instructional tools before we even step up on stage.

My name’s Mike McKenna and for the last 20 years, I’ve been fortunate to have delivered training to over 11,000 high-speed adults.  From the private sector to the public sector to the volunteer sector … and a few sectors in between.

In all that time, I’ve learned some truths.  Starting with:

I have LOTS I can continue to improve upon!

You see, instructional mastery truly is a journey, not a destination.  Like you I suspect, I’m always learning from other experienced instructors .. both things to avoid AND things to try.

Even though I still gratefully coach and mentor hundreds of people each year, I’d like to share what I’ve learned so far about being and becoming an accomplished instructor.

I hope that you’ll share with me your ‘best practices’, too.

Join meand let’s improve our instruction.


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From the #1 requested article on my site (comes with free download too!):  4 Pillars of Instruction & Classroom Management 



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