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CASE STUDY: Ego and Dysfunction at Community Event

CASE STUDY:Ego and Dysfunction at Community EventCopyright TEAM-Solutions.US All Rights Reserved BACKGROUND The city manager directs the police department to develop a special event plan, with contingencies, for this fall’s parade.   DECISIONS MADE The police assemble their planning team consisting of: Two senior police officersTwo junior police officers“Jerry” from the Streets DepartmentThey cobble together a plan […]

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CASE STUDY: The Origin of L.C.E.S. for Firefighters

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CASE STUDY:The Origin of L.C.E.S. for FirefightersCopyright TEAM-Solutions.US All Rights Reserved BACKGROUND Arizona, 1990:  Six (6) firefighters died after being overrun in a wilderness fire attack. RESULTS In the After Action Review (AAR), the reviewers determined that opportunities were missed by the fire ground commanders to prevent many of the contributing factors that led to the responder loss of life.  From […]

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Questions That Leaders Ask

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Imagine spilling your milk (or any other unplanned event). Unpleasant, right?Questions That Leaders AskTo move on, Crisis Leaders seek answers to two separate but complementary questions: WHY (insight) andWHAT (action) WHY did it happen? Seeks insight into the disruption but does little to actually clean up the milk.Why is backward facing – looks at cause, effect and origin. Why is historic […]

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