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How to Create and Maintain Institutional Knowledge


Many years ago, an overly ambitious jet-skier that couldn’t swim, wasn’t wearing a life-jacket, and had been reportedly drinking beer like Cooter Brown drowned in a nearby lake. He was last seen flailing about in the water by the hot water run-off from a nearby power plant – creating a quirky and swirling current – so his body could have […]

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Are Leaders Born or Made?

Leadership by TEAM Solutions

Newsflash: There are no born leaders (or born followers, either, by the way). So, how are leaders made?Sugar, spice, and everything nice?Fire and brimstone?Repeating clever leadership quotes?Ancient Chinese secret?Purposeful education and experience?If you picked 1 – 4, go take a break. If you picked #5, keep reading. Just as the tallest buildings are built with the strongest […]

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CASE STUDY: Corporate Office Shelters in Place During Hurricane

CASE STUDY: Retail Chain Evacuates During Hurricane

CASE STUDY:Corporate Office Shelters in Place During HurricaneCopyright TEAM-Solutions.US All Rights Reserved BACKGROUND Hurricane Wilma; South Florida (2005) – Category 2-3 Hurricane (at landfall) that caused massive flooding, structural damage and power outages.  Nearly 90 people lost their lives.At the time of the storm a corporate office for a national company operated out of multiple building […]

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CASE STUDY: Leadership Micromanagement

Leadership Micromanagement

CASE STUDY:Leadership MicromanagementCopyright TEAM-Solutions.US All Rights Reserved BACKGROUND The Browerville Fire Department has 24 stations so far in service to their growing community.  The Browerville Chief has been under pressure by the city manager to maintain and in some cases lower costs to maximize the funds available for the city’s growth initiatives. DECISIONS MADE During the […]

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