Collective Impact – Roger Staubach Style

Like many of us, I receive a few weekly emails from folks that inspire me, teach me and/or humor me.  One such missive is from John O’Leary.  You can read more about John below.In a recent newsletter he spoke about the value of a Team and used the legendary football player Roger Staubach to make […]

Why “Don’t Take NO for an Answer” is Awful Advice

Dont Take NO for an answer

 As a small business owner, I try to stay tuned into the latest and greatest scoop from thought leaders and other folks that have faced similar challenges that I have.  Things like: How to be better at marketing, engagement, sales, how to earn a TED speaking invite and a guest room at Richard Branson’s private island, etc.This week as […]

Get Things Done and The Sequence of Response

Sequence of Response (1)

Little Timmy is missing after the tornado and is reportedly trapped in the collapsed building.  He is likely running out of air, viability and hope.  A team of searchers is rapidly searching void spaces in the collapsed building using high-tech camera’s that extend into cracks to detect survivors on the inside.  One searcher sees a […]

SMART Goals are Dumb – 4 Ways to Actually Get Things Done


The pendulum has swung too far again.  Increasingly, organizations that are needing a healthy dose of ‘Get ‘er Done” are instead being sold and spoon fed an anemic, off-the-shelf elixir of S.M.A.R.T. goals instead.  And the patient (company) stays sick or dies from malnourishment.Let’s review the intent behind SMART goals: On the surface the SMART Goals acronym […]

Duty Cycle: Work + Rest = Live


My candle burns at both ends, It will not last the night. ~Edna St. Vincent MillayMost of us know how to work, but how many of us know how – and when – to rest?In a low impact environment, like staying up to catch just one more episode of Law & Order re-runs, we usually compensate […]

Context and Pizza Pie

bobtown pizza closed

Chevron pizza ‘scandal’ isn’t one in small townA worker was killed recently as a result of a natural gas well explosion in a small Pennsylvania town of 750 people.  The well was operated by Chevron and in the aftermath of the explosion, Chevron delivered vouchers for free pizzas (from a local pizza joint) to each […]

Proportional Risk Management = Greater Resilience

risk video

If you could change one thing to reduce your risk of dying, what would it be?  Fly in fewer airplanes?  Stop swimming in the ocean? Stop pulling on Superman’s cape or spitting in the wind?Many of you have heard me grouse about “proportional risk management”, i.e. keeping your risk proportional to the reward or upside […]

Objectives v. Inertia

Woman Boring a Hole in a Wooden Board with a Drill

 People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole.~Theodore Levitt Henry works for a mid-sized business that manufactures the ubiquitous widget (the driver of the American economy dontchaknow!).  Their objective is to sell widgets to their customer’s but increasingly the activities of Henry and his co-workers has been dominated by process oriented […]

TEAMS Are What TEAMS Do – When Team Building Goes Awry


Despite our best efforts and intentions, sometimes we make mistakes in our approach as business owners, managers, coaches or parents.  The most telling of these management mistakes is when we allow a gap between what is said and what is done.  In all of the years I’ve studied human behavior as it relates to performance, […]

Helping those with Functional Needs during a Disaster


Folks with functional needs have been historically under-served before a disaster strikes (think:  “notice event” like a hurricane versus a “no-notice” event like an explosion).  As a result, a disproportionate amount of effort must be taken to evacuate them to a better place after the disaster strikes.  During virtually every large hurricane in the last […]